We understand that finding financial support is a crucial part of your graduate career. Apart from the funding you may find through the Graduate School Funding Opportunities, the Neag School Scholarships, or individual departments and programs, we also strongly encourage you to seek out external funding resources. We will also provide updates on this page regarding external funding/scholarship opportunities.

Jul. 2017

The author(s) of a recent article appeared on evaluated 17 of the most popular scholarship search platforms with the goal of providing a concise guide to scholarship search. The guide covers the following areas.

  • The major challenges students face when searching for scholarships
  • How the right search engine can help students overcome these challenges
  • What students should know before applying for a scholarship
  • The most important features of a great scholarship search platform
  • The best scholarship search platforms of 2017
  • Advice on early preparation to qualify for scholarships
  • Tips on applying for scholarships
  • Our full methodology and scoring process

Read the article, titled “The Best Scholarship Search Platform,” here.