Graduate Assistantships

The RMME program offers graduate assistantships on a competitive basis to incoming and returning doctoral students, and these are awarded based on merit, not need. Graduate student stipends are adjusted annually, and are generally quite generous at UConn relative to other Universities (especially relative to the cost of living in the surrounding area). Information about graduate students stipends can be found here and information about other aspects of graduate student employment (including benefits and health insurance) can be found here All assistantships provide tuition remission and health insurance. Both domestic and international students are eligible for graduate assistantships.


All graduate assistantships are competitive awards If you are interested in learning more about the RMME program, please see our website or contact our program coordinator, Dr. Chris Rhoads ( Applications for the Ph.D. programs should be submitted by December 1st in a given calendar year for fullest consideration for funding for the next academic year.


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